Your Belgian entry point to the Fediverse.

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Decentralisation makes strength


fedi.be connects people together


fedi.be respects your privacy, freedom and choices


fedi.be is part of a large network of similar nodes

Decentralization by design

Because we need it

No central owner By nature, the Fediverse is not manage by a unique and central owner who decides all and everything about the platform. This ensures that only the collective needs and concerns are addressed.

One node among many others The team behind fedi.be is wanting to bring you the best experience and help you in your journey into the fediverse. But if you are not happy with the administration of this node, you have the option to move to another instance at any time !

Choose the best tool for you Once your account is created on fedi.be, you can choose the tool that best meets your needs and expectations. You never stay locked into the application unilateraly developed by the same software editor that is also managing the way messages are exchanged between people.

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